Garden-fresh cocktails. And also chickens. What?!

We get a lot of questions...


  • What?!

    • INORITE? It's exactly what it sounds like. Drinking cocktails (or beer, wine, spirits, coffee, lemonade, etc) while in the company of chickens. Sometimes other animals make the cut, too. Sometimes there are even other people.

  • Why?!
    • I don't know,'s weirdly fun. Don't overthink it.

  • Do you actually have a real job?
    • Nope. This is what I do.

  • Do you let your chickens drink?
    • Absolutely not. "Drinking with Chickens" means YOU are drinking while chickens are in the vicinity. This does not mean you should be sharing your cocktail with your chicken (or any other animal). Booze is not good for them (let alone the citrus and sugar and other ingredients that go into a lot of drinks), and I don't condone it for even a second. Don't do it. And don't get me started on the contamination issues with this either.

  • How do you stop them from pooping everywhere/why is there not poop everywhere in all your photos?
    • This is the question I get most frequently, without a doubt, and my answer is going to blow everyone's minds: I clean it up. Immediately. I like things to be clean and sanitary and so when there is an accident, I am on it. I do not let my birds have free access to the places where we hang out, I only bring them in for short, controlled visits; I start with a clean area, and I end with a clean area. Sometimes, I will even put a chicken diaper on a bird if I'm being extra-extra. Because poop is gross.

  • What FAQ annoys you the most?
    • See above.

  • Aren't you concerned about sanitation?
    • Very much so. I cannot stress the importance of proper sanitation enough. Food and drinks should never be prepared or served on surfaces that chickens have touched or been near. Safely drinking with chickens involves being very aware of where your chickens are at all times; nothing that has touched a chicken should come near your food, your drinks, or your mouth to avoid contamination. If you can't be hyper vigilant about this, I'm going to suggest you just don't drink with chickens. It's as simple as that.

  • Why do you hate martini glasses so much?
    • I don't like putting my booze in things that are designed for spilling. If you can drink out of a martini glass without spilling it down your shirt, you are a witch. No disrespect.

  • How do you keep your chickens from destroying your garden?
    • Simple: they don't get to hang out in my main garden much. They have their own "Chicken Garden" that they get to party in as much as they want. I only allow them into the rest of the yard for short, supervised visits and well, photoshoots. 

  • Is your house/coop/garden open for tours?
    • Unfortunately, no. This is my private home. THOU SHALT NOT PASS. Jkjkjkjkjk...but also not jk.

  • What kind of chicken is it that has the floofy hairdo?
    • Pip and Corn are Crested Polish hens. And they are probably my favorite breed that I have raised so far. They are absolutely sweet and silly and total lap chickens. I highly recommend.

  • Can I come drink with your chickens?
    • Maybe. At this time, we are working on some possible future events where I might be able to bring a few chickens for a meet and greet (not at my home).

  • Will you come drink with my chickens?
    • Maybe. We have Drinking with Chickens travel content coming up, and a large part of that is me finding other places to drink with chickens (and goats, and pigs, and emus; I AIN'T PICKY). If you've got somewhere that you think I simply must visit to drink with some animal frands, please do tell. Shoot me an email and let's discuss.