Garden-fresh cocktails. And also chickens. What?!


I love a good, garden-fresh cocktail. My drink recipes are inspired by what's coming out of the garden, or the nearest farmstand. I tend to prefer seasonal, local ingredients, but you know what? I ain't always married to that. I do what I want.

Cheers to great drinks, and to happy hour in the garden surrounded by people that you love (or at the very least, a bunch of unimpressed, self-entitled chickens).

DISCLAIMER: Do not let chickens on, near, or in your drinks or food. They are filthy animals and they will get you sick. Use common sense and sanitize surfaces and hands after coming into contact with poultry, other animals, and frankly, a lot of people.

Furthermore, we definitely do not condone feeding chickens or any animal alcohol. IT IS BAD FOR THEM. Drink it all yourself. Do it for the chickens.

This site is intended for entertainment purposes only. Don't take it so damned literally.