Rose + Rosé Hot Chocolate

You know that whole thing where people started putting red wine in their hot chocolate? I really got onboard with that whole deal. It's such a nice, simple, cozy little hot beverage to whip up. But when I really got to thinking about it, I was like: MY HOT CHOCOLATE WANTS ROSÉ IN IT.

Rose + Rosé Hot Chocolate |

We haven't had much winter in SoCal thus far this year. But when those frigid 60 degree temps hit, it's nice to be able to whip up a single serving of something warm and boozy. And, since it's also creeping up on Valentine's Day, I thought that some pink hot chocolate was just the right fit.

Rose + Rosé Hot Chocolate |

I had already made up my mind to put rosé in my hot chocolate, and then the universe said: YOU HAVE CHOSEN WISELY. And in a completely happy and timely accident, I stumbled upon rosé marshmallows from Sugarfina. Yep. These actually exist. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE. 

You know what also exists now? Actual pink chocolate. And if you're lucky enough to be growing ruby cacao in your cocktail garden, go harvest that and make this sh** from scratch. That's not what I did (I know you are shocked). The closest I could come is this pretty Cocoa Rouge. If ya can't find that just use normal cocoa powder. It's the thought that counts.

Rose + Rosé Hot Chocolate |

R O S E   +   R O S É   H O T   C H O C O L A T E

Makes approximately 2 6 oz. servings.


  • 1 cup 2% milk

  • 2 oz. rosé wine of your liking (I prefer dry, but sweet would prob be good here too)

  • .5 oz. elderflower liqueur

  • .5 oz. rosewater

  • 1 tablespoon cocoa powder

  • 1 tablespoon light agave syrup

  • 1/4 cup dried whole rose petals for garnish

  • Rosé All Day Marshmallows to garnish

Place all ingredients, except garnish, in a dry shaker and shake vigorously to combine. Transfer to microwave safe mugs and heat in microwave for 30-60 seconds. Garnish with a sprinkling of dried rose petals and a few rosé marshmallows. Just kidding: don't hold back on those marshmallows. THEY ARE ROSÉ-INFUSED MARSHMALLOWS GODDAMNIT.

Rose + Rosé Hot Chocolate |

Millennial Pink. In hot chocolate form.

Rose + Rosé Hot Chocolate |

And I'm going to just include this glorious shot of my Kitchen Chicken (BECAUSE I CAN):

Portrait of a Kitchen Chicken |

Kitchen Boxer is baffled by Kitchen Chicken:

Kitchen Boxer and Kitchen Chicken |