You Need More Tiny Pockets in Your Life

You know what you need? An adorable, colorful, chicken-y apron with tons of tiny pockets in it. Trust me. Even if you don't actually have chickens from which to collect eggs, the Fluffy Layers Egg Collecting Apron has 15 tiny pockets to put stuff in. You know you have stuff. If you're like me, you can fill them all with cocktail ingredients and tiny bottles of booze. Which comes in real handy when your hands are full of interloping poultry and you still need to fix yourself a stiff one. #multitasking

Adorable Egg Collecting Apron from via

Besides...all of Fluffy Layers original apron designs come in the cutest darned fabrics and styles:

Images courtesy of

Images courtesy of

And while you're doing a little shopping for that special chicken lady in your life, you've got to check out their full range of adorable products, like:

Fluffy Layers chicken socks ...that offer moderate protection against toe pecking.

Fluffy Layers chicken socks...that offer moderate protection against toe pecking.

And also:

A  Fluffy Layers  LOVE water (*cocktail) bottle.

A Fluffy Layers LOVE water (*cocktail) bottle.

It's all so freaking cute I can't even deal. I'm waiting rather impatiently for a Fluffy Layers line of wallpaper to come out.

*Tapping toe impatiently. Egg Collecting Apron being used to haul around tiny bottles of booze by

Until then I'll just be over here with my adorable apron and all my tiny bottles.

P.S. I also use it for collecting eggs. I swear. Egg Collecting Apron via

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